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Unique game, developed by Net Lizard company it is the best Tetris, which our team could create!

It includes all kinds of Tetris:

- Classic Tetris;
- Tetris – 2 (you need to go through 58 levels)
- Advanced Tetris (upgraded Tetris for professional players with lots of complex figures)


  Main characteristics:

- 3 games in one: Tetris, Tetris 2 and Advanced Tetris;
- Over 50 levels for Tetris 2;
- Over 20 high quality background pictures;
- Colorful and bright graphics and animation;
- Many mathematical and physical special effects;
- Music and sound effects;
- Global score records for 3 games;
- Choice of any passed level;
- Ability to save any of the 3 games;
- Game specifically developed for big screens