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Bad Girls Dormitory-2

Adventures in a girls’ dormitory continue!!!

Isn’t it great that my favourite girls from student dormitory are back from school holidays?

Full-bosomed strangers with sexy bodies would like to get to know you up close and personal...

Shaking their hips seductively and fiddling with their hair they dream of you!

Conquer the sex dormitory! Fulfill your dreams and satisfy the charming girls and they will give you their love in return!


  Main characteristics:

- 8 levels (3 separate buildings of girls dormitories);
- 3 separate locations (street – buildings, corridors, bedrooms and rooms);
- 8 types of units (from janitors and evil dormitory matrons to hostel warden);
- many student dorms and resting girls;
- unforgettable fairy tale grafics;
- beautiful and bright animation;
- cool and funny music;
- sound effects for each action;
- saving option