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You will have to tax your brain in order to cope with this puzzle!

You have to sort out the mess in the world of tiny particles and to restore the law of nature.
You have a lost element at your disposal.
Find a proper place for it at every level!

Two modes may be used in the game:
average – a simpler mode, where you can’t tumble off the edge of the playground.
advanced – a more complicated mode, where you have to make each move in a watchful way, otherwise you will lose your element.








  Main characteristics:

- 40 unique levels;
- Choice of over 27 gaming themes;

- Full support for touch and Touch Screen phones;
- Full game together via BlueTooth channel;

- Use: arrows, teleports, controlled dips, slippery plates and more. other;
- Two game modes (normal and advanced);
- A colorful and cartoon design of the game;
- Hall of Fame (global table of records) on-line and off-line;