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Backgammon +BT

Backgammon is one of the most fascinating gambling games originated from the Ancient East and now it is popular all over the world!

In the world there exist few games where it is impossible to name the winner till the last seconds.
Such games are the most popular and involve by their unpredictability and quick changes of the game course.
Backgammon refers exactly to such games.

Now you may always play your favorite game Backgammon, on your mobile phone both with computer rival and your friend with the help of "BlueTooth"

Wide diversity of playing background and boards, perfect accompanying sound and choice of modes will not leave you indifferent.

The game is designed for all Touch Screen/Stylus and keyboard phones.







  Main characteristics:

- Complete support of Touch screen phones;
- High level of artificial intelligence;
- 3 complication levels of artificial intelligence (easy, medium, difficult);
- Opportunity to play both with the artificial intelligence and real rival;
- Game of full value two together on BlueTooth channel;
- Great number of boards, backgrounds and chips;
- Possible record and downloading of the set or current game state;
- “Top” global On-line table;
- The project is performed in Russian.