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Adrenalin is a game that gives you a real Adrenalin rush. Just start the game and you will find yourself running at full tilt and ignoring all barriers!

The tinkle of falling glass, explosions, flashes and lightening. Nothing can stop you!
You must run! Run! Don’t slow down!

You are in mortal danger!
You are racing at full speed, scaring birds, stumbling and falling.
If you stop, you are doomed!

Run, I beg you, just R-U-N







  Main characteristics:

Plot: Nuclear explosion in front of your eyes...
Stylish and unusual graphic design;
High diversification;
Amazing animation:
      - Breaking glass;
      - Buildings falling to pieces;
      - Explosions;
      - Flashes;
      - Lightening;
      - Earthquakes;
      - Meteorites;
      - Smoke;
      - Birds;
      - Split off pieces and slivers;

The game is developed to support all types of sensor phones, touch phones and key-phones!

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