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Super Zuma

In this exciting game you will have to collect three totems and find a way to ancient capital of Aztecs.

To accomplish this mission you need to move colored elements along the playing area so that after every move you would get a continuous chain of 3 (or more) identical elements.

Bonuses and force of sacred totems will help you to defeat any obstacles.

Solve puzzles of ancient Aztec civilization and find the legendary treasures of Montezuma.

This game is specifically designed for all sensor (Touch Screen / Stylus) or keyboard phones.







  Main characteristics:

- Support of Sensor / Touch Screen / Stylus phones;
- 3 great statues of ancient gods;
- 21 exciting levels;
- Sacred Totems (Fire, Nature, Fortune);
- Variety of bonuses (frost, stones, time, lightning, fire);
- System of Combo, stars, time and crystals;
- Interactive help;
- Global table of on-line records;
- Save game at any time;
- Sound