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Island of Fear

In this game you will play in role of brave SWAT commando Adam Strong's or beautiful co-pilot Elsa Moon.

After losing communication with the research station on the island an elite squad was sent for rescue, but helicopter ran into a storm and crashed on the beach of this unfortunate island...

Who knows what kind of experiments were performed in the laboratory and what kind of horrors hide in the foliage ...

You will have all kind of weapons ranging from miniature shockers to heavy grenade launchers at your disposal.
A variety of bonuses, body armor, first aid kits, etc. Change of day time, bright day and treacherous, dark night!






  Main characteristics:

- Full support of Sensor/Touch Screen/Stylus phones;

- 21 levels;
- 2 main characters;
- Classic company;
- Survival mode;
- 3 levels of difficulty;
- An interesting and unusual story;
- Change of day time (night / day);
- Free movement through locations;
- 11 bonus items;
- 7 types of weapons;
      [Shocker] - electric shocker
      [Pistol] - good but not very accurate gun
      [Shotgun] - short range shotgun
      [Kalash] - AK-74
      [Machine gun] - heavy machine gun
      [Bazooka] - heavy-duty rocket launcher
      [Alien] - unknown alien weapon. Very dangerous!

- Possibility to save your game;
- Extraordinarily beautiful animation;
- High-quality sound;
- On-line table of records;