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 03  11  2009
Development of
«3D Clone+BT»
game is at its last stage!
Technology used:
Innovational 3D Engine v.3.0
+ Full BlueTooth 2.0 technology (developed by «NET Lizard» TM) which allows to create full-Corporateon BlueTooth channel

This game can be installed to next phones:
3D Clone

In the near future the world is ruled by energy-supplying corporations.

Mining difficulties cause escalation of prices for energy resources.

To monopolize the market and reduce the prices for raw materials corporation “Our Resources” goes against legal laws as well as laws of humanity. Cloned workers replace hired human workers.

Clones have no idea about the human world, but unbearable living conditions become a reason for rebellion...

Together with other brave souls you will have to fight for your freedom.







  Main characteristics:

- 3D shooter from your point of view
- 3D graphics on any cell phone model
- 3D models of all objects and characters
- command technology AI (artificial intelligence) of Bots

- a full-fledged game can be enjoyed via BlueTooth (command Deathmatch)

- basics of contemporary computer and console “3D render” are implemented
- photo-texture realization technology was used for this game
- lighting of premises, shades, light shades, flashes of light
- 12 complete 3D levels and objects
- 4 types of secret weapons (pistol, shot-gun, tommy-gun M16, rocket launcher)
- gun re-charging
- realistic ballistics (type, distance, power, effectiveness, cartridge, hit accuracy)
- bullet and shots tracing